Of catching sunrises, chasing sunsets and living in between.

sunset edited

If life was about catching sunrises or chasing sunsets then maybe, I haven’t truly lived.

In my almost 25 years of existence, I’ve only waken up to purposely catch a sunrise once (as far as I can remember) but I’ve chased a number of sunsets.

I can still recall  that day, when I caught the sun rising from the mountains. It was glorious to see the sun as it marked the beginning of a hopefully pleasant day. As I watched the sun illuminating  the earth, I was in awe as I meditated on the wonders of God’s creation and the metaphors that they represent. I still went back to start my day and I couldn’t even remember what happened in between.

And then the sunsets. I’ve chased a number of them. Sunsets are humbling. They make you feel grateful that you’ve made it through another day.

Every so often, I think of living for moments of pure bliss: catching sunrises and chasing sunsets. I always look forward to waking up to glorious sunrises and dreaming of ending the day just watching the sunset. And yet, the moment I wake up, I know I can’t skip the day to get to my favourite part.

Most days, I almost always wake up late enough not to catch the sunrise and I end up the day not even noticing the sunset.

This is when I think of metaphors coming to life.

How often do we actually feel so alive, glorious and accomplished? I wish life’s a bliss all the time! Like there were only sunrises and sunsets.

How many times do we get to have a promotion, a great vacation, a breakthrough? Maybe in our lifetime, we will only get a few or we can have plenty but not all the way through.

This is the reality of life for some, if not most of us (though there are a few really exceptional ones!)

As for me, I am one among the many. I pray for breakthroughs but I don’t get so many. My days are often routine and ordinary but I think it’s okay. As Jimmy Valvano put it, “God must have loved ordinary people, because he made so many of us… But every day, ordinary people do extraordinary things.” 

We can of course try to defy this reality however hard it may be. For as long as the sun still rises and sets, we can choose to experience it and be amazed. We can work towards getting our own breakthroughs by God’s grace.

But still, let us not forget that we are given a long day in between a sunrise and a sunset, like we get so many seemingly “ordinary” days.

We work, we play, we love, we struggle along the way.

This is what living is like.

We live not just for moments of pure bliss but we seize each day as it is. We know that we don’t just get a life when we find ourselves catching sunrises and chasing sunsets. Life has always been around the corner unfolding, even while we are living in between.


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